We analyze collision safety

based on ISO 10218-2 and ISO / TS 15066 for power and force limit collaboration mode.

Collision Risk Analysis


Collision Risk Index

=Max ( Force violation ratio based on ISO threshold, Pressure violation ratio based on ISO threshold )


Maximum Safe Speed



Accurate collision simulation


We are considering the following terms :
  • Effective mass of the robot body part
  • Effective velocity of the robot body part
  • Collision direction considering robot motion
  • Contact shape
  • Mechanical properties of human body (ISO)
Estimation the contact force and pressure
Evaluation the collision risk based on ISO


Collision test is essential for cobot


In order to keep cobot operating even if any part of the human approaches to the robot closely, it is essentially needed to verify the collision safety, which unexpected or expected human-robot collision may not cause the human injury. (power and force limit operation described in ISO 10218-1,2 and ISO/TS 15066)


InteractionSafe for Cobot Makers



Safety Certification for Cobot users


Download the example report files